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The Carbon Zero Youth Initiative is working to establish Community Partnerships between organizations and Initiatives related to: 

  • Youth Education and Empowerment

  • Sustainability; Decarbonization of the Built Environment

  • Building and Materials Workforce Development

Community Partners may support the CZYI by:   

  • Consulting, co-development, and/or promotion of educational content

  • Sharing CZYI news and youth outreach successes

  • Highlighting volunteer opportunities

  • Including the CZYI in events

  • Sponsorship (see below)

Who can partner with or sponsor the CZYI?


Nonprofit organizations such as youth education programs, building industry association, or sustainability-related organizations are encouraged to connect with the CZYI as Community Partners.

Business, organizations, or individuals may sponsor or donate to the CZYI (see below for more information) 



With many inspiring educational and environmental engagement efforts already underway with youth nationwide, the Carbon Zero Youth Initiative aims to support these programs through content development, engagement opportunities, and increased volunteer capacity.



So many great organizations and initiatives are working towards the transition to carbon-conscious built future; the Carbon Zero Youth Initiative aims to support their work.  Partnering with the CZYI can: 

  • Support public awareness of high-impact sustainability strategies

  • Encourage the next next generation of carbon-conscious leaders

  • Highlight volunteer opportunities for carbon-conscious professionals in your network


CZYI Educational Partner Spotlight:

CZYI is excited to be collaborating with Grades of Green on the development of interactive toolkits about the built environment as part of their innovative LAUNCH Program.  Check out their  sustainability educational resources and programming to help students take action to help the planet!


The Carbon Zero Youth Initiative recognizes the tremendous capacity of the building industry to reduce carbon emissions on a massive scale through innovation and emerging best practices. 


By partnering with the CZYI:

  • Support industry sustainability and community engagement goals

  • Encourage long-term workforce development

  • Generate increased dialogue about building and industry decarbonization

The Carbon Zero Youth Initiative has just launched and has big ideas and plans for helping youth have big impact--but that means it needs support to match.  If you or your firm is committed to decarbonization of the built environment, interested in making the building-sustainability-careers connection for youth, and excited to see youth voices empowered to support this effort,  please consider supporting the CZYI!


See below for the CZYI's Call to Action and sponsorship details or reach out at for more information.    

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