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NOTE: The CYZI has just launched and is starting to develop materials and toolkits to make the below engagement opportunities a reality!  Follow the CZYI on LinkedIn or email to be added to our email list for updates on when new materials are added.  In the meantime, if you are interested in getting involved in "behind the scenes" work of developing materials and building partnerships, please reach out!



 Join CZYI’s list of on-call AEC experts  
CZYI educational materials encourage youth to connect with industry professionals through virtual meetings or as guest speakers at meetings, in classrooms, or at events. 


Educator Outreach 
Help spread the word about CZYI’s educational program options by reaching out to teachers, scout leaders, and other youth group coordinators in your area


Facilitate site visits and hands-on experiences 
Is your workplace a good fit for a tour? Are you interested in representing your profession at local school career fairs or science fairs? You can use CZYI materials to help bring important building concepts to life!


Support Youth Industry Outreach
CZYI is founded on the idea that youth can help the building industry decarbonize by raising awareness and encouraging dialogue across the building industry for carbon-conscious practices--if they have opportunities to share their voices.  You know your community and local industry groups best; help youth identify and get in front of relevant audiences!



Highlight Carbon-Conscious Building - Why it Matters!
CZYI toolkits and educational resources are designed so youth can have fun learning about the building-carbon connection, introduce related careers, and highlight opportunities and strategies for youth to get involvedd


Facilitate Youth Industry Outreach
If your students/Scouts are excited to use their knowledge to make a difference, help your connect with local building professionals, present at public meetings, or attend industry events to give their voices a platform. CZYI provides materials and guidance to make this easier. 


Spread the Word
Let other educators and youth group leaders know about CZYI and encourage them to get involved too!

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