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How can youth get engaged in the effort to reduce embodied carbon?  

The Carbon Zero Youth Initiative works to engage youth with the global effort to decarbonize the built environment and achieve carbon neutrality through education, exploration of related careers, and encouragement of carbon-conscious building decisions.

Through partnerships with youth environmental and engagement programs and collaboration with building industry groups the CZYI develops topic-specific EDUCATIONAL RESOUCES and provides OUTREACH SUPPORT. 




Through a combination of on-demand modules and interactive discussions with professionals, youth can:

  • Learn about green building, the design-build process, life-cycle analysis, embodied carbon, EPDs, low-carbon materials, carbon sequestration, Buy Clean policies, and carbon markets though educational modules (under development) that will be be available on this website as on-demand resources

  • Explore career opportunities in architecture, engineering, construction, materials, and sustainable business through online on-demand modules and/or interactive dialogues with AEC and materials professionals 


  • Working in small virtual groups with mentors, ECYI Ambassadors will:

  •  Receive instruction in accurate communication and ways to engage with the media, industry groups, agencies and organizations. 

  • Practice public speaking and responding to questions in real time in a supportive virtual forum of youth and mentors 

  • Receive support for mentors and a national network of professionals to identify and initiate Outreach Actions


Youth share their knowledge for climate action!

Through Outreach Actions, CZYI Youth Ambassadors:

  • Highlight how every building project is an a important opportunity for climate action

  • Encourage best practices and low-carbon materials to reduce embodied carbon

  • Develop real-world skills and  explore careers

  • Get to be an active part of the global movement to decarbonize the built environment   

 Outreach Actions can take many forms, such as presentations at: 

  • AEC industry or climate change events

  • City Council/county board meetings

  • Classrooms or lecture halls


  • Media interviews

  • Article submissions

  • Local business outreach

All planned Outreach Actions will be submitted in advance to the CZYI for review.  Outreach Actions will be documented as direct program impact, and will be publicized and shared with CZYI partners to maximize impact.

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