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Thanks to support from the CZYI's sponsors and partners, all educational resources created by the Carbon Zero Youth Initiative are available free for download by educators, youth groups, and volunteers.


Buildy Plan-It Asks: Why do Buildings Need Climate Heroes?

Introductory Video

(3 minutes) Age range: 9-12








What Building Climate Hero Will You Be? "Fortune Teller"

Print-out hands on activity (5 minutes)

Age range: 7+

Note: this print-out is offered in two versions; one suited to printers that can print close to the edge of standard 8.5x11 paper (top file) and one that is slightly smaller, compatible with any print settings but requiring adding cut-out (bottom file).  Download button at upper right hand corner of pdf viewers. 

Eco Mission: MATERIALS

Print-and-Play Board Game (20-30 minutes) Age range: 10+

Available in full color and printer-friendly greyscale.  




Why Do Buildings Need Climate Heroes?

Why Do Buildings Need Climate Heroes?

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