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What about public policy? Will CZYI Ambassadors be taking a stance on embodied carbon-related legislation or be involved in political lobbying?  
CZYI Ambassadors will learn about federal and state legislation shaping the conversation about embodied carbon, and may share information related to recent policy developments in their outreach actions.  However, the focus of the ECYI is education and community outreach and so students will not be involved in direct state or federal legislative advocacy.  However, ECYI Ambassadors may advocate for local policies, such as encouraging their home city or county to adopt low-carbon procurement policies.

What will be the role of the mentors? 
Mentors will be AEC professionals who will meet virtually with small groups of CZYI Ambassadors about their field and career path, help students identify local organizations or contacts in their field, and guide ECYI Outreach Actions.  Mentors may also contribute to development of educational modules for sharing their expertise in an on-demand format available to youth nationwide.   

How will the educational modules be developed?  Who can access them?
Educational modules will be developed through collaboration with CZYI’s partners to ensure that content is accurate, comprehensive, age appropriate, and relevant for career exploration, STEM topic knowledge, and climate advocacy purposes. They will be publicly accessible as digital resources for on-demand use by partners, classrooms, school-based clubs, and Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops.    

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